We are Lonely Birthday Productions! Lonely Birthday is a LA-Based Production Company by way of the good, hearty Midwest. We write, produce and shoot all of our own work and have even been honored at the Los Angeles 48-hour Film Festival. We are so thrilled you're visiting the site and we encourage you to click around to get to know who we are, what we do and take a look at our current, finished and upcoming projects If you want serious drama, short films, features, click films. Are you an actor/director/dp/writer and you need your reel cut? We do that too! Click reels and we will do our best to hook you up! We also have a hilarious and informative blog and twitter feed to keep you "in the know" so you don't look like a fool at all of the hollywood parties you've been attending. We've seen you there, don't lie, so click web and check it out! To learn more about us take a look at the crew section. If you want to join the crew, submit your work or just let us steal your amazing ideas, check out the contact section to get in touch. And to keep up with all of our exciting projects and goings on click news for all of the latest!